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The Importance of Backup

There is no better way to protect your data than implementing a backup solution. Unfortunately, and yet fortunately, there are numerous ways to provide a backup solution. There are so many considerations that the individual or business need to account for. Too many to list here. Backup solutions are not created equal and while any backup is better than no backup, implementing the right backup solution will save you time and money.

Being based in Southeast Louisiana the other consideration in regard to a backup solution is the inevitable EVACUATION. When an evacuation is called due to the threat of a hurricane all bets are off that you will be able to come home and pick up where you left off. Today, especially for business owners, your backup plan should take into consideration the ability to create a mobile office. The backup may need to become not just a backup but mobile access to your key data so that you can continue to work even when evacuated.

For backup and mobile data access solutions please call CIO Services of Louisiana for a free consultation.


On-site Backup and Mobile Data Access Solutions

There are a myriad number of options in regard to backup solutions for both residential and commercial networks. Understanding the unique needs of the individual client is the only way that an efficient, cost effective and reliable backup solution can be implemented. Please call us for a free consultation so that we can tailor the most appropriate backup solution for your needs. You will be suprised at the low cost of such protection.

As with traditional backup solutions there are a number of Mobile Data Access Solutions available. Please contact CIO Services of Louisiana for a free consultation.

Remote Backup - Offsite or On-line options

The one thing that on-site backups can not protect you from is cases where physical destruction of the backup media occurs as in the case of a fire or other physical disaster. One method to mitigate such disaster is to backup to a remote or offsite location. Of course, there are many other considerations to make in that regard as well. In an effort to provide options for our clients, CIO Services of Louisiana is teaming up with some on-line backup solution providers. These entities have the resources to provide superior remote backup for that is all that they do. By letting CIO Services of Lousiana set this service up for you, you have the best of both worlds - local convenience and global strength. However, for those who require or desire locally controlled offsite backup solutions, CIO Services of Louisiana can custom tailor a remote backup solution managed in-house.

For managed outsourced Remote Backup Solutions we recommend:

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