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CIO Services of Louisiana was formed to provide the professionalism of a Chief Information Officer to those that would normally not be able to retain a CIO on staff. Face it, most small to medium businesses do not have the resources to retain a CIO and yet the technilogical demands of a small to medium organization are similar to that of a large corporation. Considering that technology touches every aspect of a business, from accounting through marketing, without proper implementation and forecasting an organization could potentially waste thousands of dollars and most small to medium organizations can not afford nor could they absord such a costly mistake. In this respect the services of a Chief Information Officer are even more important to the small and medium business.

Why CIO?

The basic difference, and this is a generalization, is that a technician is more task oriented whereas a CIO is more analytical in nature. For instance, you need a router, the tech installs a router. The CIO, however, looks at the needs of the organization both current and future, finds the right router and installs it. Therefore, a good CIO is not only strong technically but really takes an interest in understanding the business that he or she represents. There is a passion to provide a solution that meets the needs of the organization - both current and future needs. Sometimes the technological solution is really cool and other times it is basic, boring, even non-technical. The key is that the solution is efficient, cost effective, and meets the needs of the organization.

If your organization would prefer the style of service provided by a Chief Information Officer and you would like to find out what CIO Services of Louisiana can offer you please contact us for more information. You will find that our pricing and service are both reasonable and exceptional.

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